The project's objective is to characterize the spectral response of oil in its various forms (thin film or crude oil) and its different types in order to select and propose the most appropriate technological tool to create a monitoring system of Lake Maracaibo allowing to estimate the extent of oil spills in the Lake.

A measurement campaign carried out on the Lake Maracaibo and Faja del Orinoco has had as main objective the characterization of the spectral behaviour of the different oil spill types and of some vegetation types present on the surface of the lake.

The development of a database of spectral signatures represents the first step toward the building up of a system for studying and monitoring the oil spill phenomenon in lacustrine environment, in order to develop and implement an "Automatic Monitoring and Oil Spill Detection System in Venezuela".

  • University of Rome - Dipartimento di Ingegneria Astronautica Elettrica ed Energetica (Italy)
  • PDVSA / Intevep (Venezuela)