News: SafeChania 2015 "The Knowledge Triangle in the Civil Protection Service (Education, Research, Innovation)"

The international workshop: "SafeChania 2015: The Knowledge Triangle in the Civil Protection Service" was held on 10-12 June 2015 at the Venetian Harbor of Chania in the island of Crete in Greece. 

The workshop was focused on the integration of education, research and innovation (the knowledge triangle) for the benefit of Civil Protection services, such as:

  • Natural Disasters: forest fires, earthquakes, floods, landslides, rockfall events, volcanic activity, tsunamis, etc.
  • Industrial Accidents: water and air pollution, energy, mining industry, large infrastructure (i.e. dams) collapse, etc.
  • Transportation Accidents: major maritime / aviation / train accidents, transport of hazardous materials, etc.
  • other incidents: search and rescue, humanitarian aid, emergency response centers, etc. 

Representatives from Academia, education, public authorities and private sector, and world-class researchers will present their work in respective fields, indicatively:

  • Integrated sensor systems, Monitoring, Prevention and Analysis Systems;
  • Earth observation systems including Satellite Remote Sensing and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles;
  • Case studies; Educational programs.

In this context, Prof. Giovanni Laneve introduced ODS3F project conclusions with a presentation titled "The ODS3F Project: define a criteria for comparing the performances of the optical and thermal fire monitoring cameras", and an overview of PREFER project with a presentation titled "Accessing PREFER EO-Products on the move".