News: Copernicus Space Component Data Access (CSCDA) Workshop - 20-22 April in ESRIN, Frascati

As the Datawarehouse (DWH) Phase 2 was initiated on 1st April, the CSCDA workshop organized by ESA from 20-22 April 2015 has provided an opportunity to learn more about the data offer and the services that will be made available in the next 6 years. 
PREFER (Space-based Information Support for Prevention and REcovery of Forest Fires Emergency in the MediteRranean Area) project was present at the initiative with a presentation titled: 'PREFER FP7 Project overview: the use of the satellite imagery'.
PREFER is one of the Copernicus FP7 Emergency projects funded in 2012. It is uniquely devoted to forest pre- and post-fire management.
The overall goal of the project is to develop and demonstrate a pre-operational portfolio of products, based on Earth Observation data for helping fires management at Mediterranean scale. Samples of the PREFER information products are available to stakeholders through the project Geoserver (
The products available for 2014 fire season on the test areas located in France (Corsica), Greece (Peloponnesus), Italy (Sardinia), Portugal (Minho) and Spain (Andalucia), comprise:
  • fuel maps,
  • fire vulnerability maps,
  • seasonal fire risk maps,
  • burn scar Map for year 2013 and 2014,
  • daily and bi-weekly fire hazard maps,
  • post-fire vegetation recovery map, 
  • damage severity map,
  • soil erosion susceptibility maps and
  • biomass volume loss maps.
The talk was focused on showing as PREFER is using the satellite images dataset made available by CSCDA. In fact, PREFER, to compute its products portfolio exploits satellite images optical and SAR at low (MODIS), medium (Landsat, Spot) and high (Kompsat, RapidEye, Pleiades, Cosmo-SkyMed, TanDEM-X, etc.) spatial resolution. The refresh rate of the products varies from high (days) to low (twice a month) to very low (once a year).