Kick-Off AfriCultuReS Project

In the framework of a H2020 initiative on 1st November 2017 will start a new project of which the EOSIAL Laboratory is partner.
AfriCultuReS (AFRIcan AgriCULTUral Systems with the Support of REmote Sensing) aims at providing decision makers with tools for tackling Food Security in Africa with a greater operational capability.
The tool develops an open source Agricultural Geospatial Decision Support System (AGDSS), co-designed with the users and totally operational.
The functionality of the AGDSS will be based on the combined use of crop growth models, in-situ data and weather and climate information with satellite Earth Observation data. In a word, AfriCultuReS provides space based agricultural production services.
AfriCultuReS is supported by the major actors, GEO – Group of Earth Observations and the African Union through its technical body NEPAD. This fact ensures the alignment of AfriCultuReS with the requirements set in the call. Additionally the African Development Bank has expressed its support to AfriCultuReS.
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