"The natural areas of Rome Province detected by airborne remotely sensed data"
  Rosa Maria Cavalli, Lorenzo Fusilli, Anna Guidi, Simone Pascucci, Stefano Pignatti, Ludovico Vannicelli Casoni, Maria Vinci

"Assessment of the abnormal growth of floating macrophytes in Winam Gulf (Kenya) by using MODIS imagery time series"
  L. Fusilli, M.O. Collins, G. Laneve, A. Palombo, S. Pignatti, F. Santini

"The ODS3F project: evaluating and comparing the performances of the ground optical and thermal fire monitoring systems"
  Laneve G., de Bonis R., Marzialetti P., Bakouros Y., Giourka P., Castellini R., Savazzi R., Grisolia M.R.,

"Karst water resources detection through airborne thermal data: MIVIS and TASI-600 imagery"
  Fusilli Lorenzo, Pascucci Simone, Palombo Angelo, Pergola Nicola, Pignatti Stefano, Santini Federico

"Hyperspectral Sensor Data Capability for Retrieving Complex Urban Land Cover in Comparison with Multispectral Data: Venice City Case Study (Italy)"
  Rosa Maria Cavalli, Lorenzo Fusilli, Simone Pascucci, Stefano Pignatti, Federico Santini 

"Evaluating Hyperion capability for land cover mapping in a fragmented ecosystem: Pollino National Park, Italy"
  Stefano Pignatti, Rosa Maria Cavalli, Vincenzo Cuomo, Lorenzo Fusilli, Simone Pascucci, Maurizio Poscolieri, Federico Santini

"Urban growth assessment around Winam Gulf of Kenya based on satellite imagery"
  Lorenzo Fusilli n , Pablo Marzialetti, Giovanni Laneve, Giancarlo Santilli

"Remote sensing water observation for supporting Lake Victoria weed management". 
  Rosa Maria Cavalli, Giovanni Laneve, Lorenzo Fusilli, Stefano Pignatti, Federico Santini 

"Designing an effective monitoring system based on satellite sensor for the oil spills detection in lake Maracaibo, Venezuela". 
  Giovanni Laneve, Giancarlo Santilli, Pablo Marzialetti, Lorenzo Fusilli

"Multi-temporal SAR and optical data integrated approach for weed infested inland waters". 

"SIGRI Project: Products Validation Results"
   Giovanni Laneve, M. Jahjah, Fabrizio Ferrucci, Hirn Barbara, F. Battazza, ​Lorenzo Fusilli

"Real Time WMS for the detection of dust-storms based on optical satellite imagery"
  Giovanni Laneve, Roberto De Bonis, Lorenzo Fusilli, Pablo Marzialetti, Giancarlo Santilli